Subject Line for Job Application Email – 18 Catchy Ideas

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The subject line is the first thing you have to nail while writing an email. Your recipient not only decides whether to open the email or not but also makes a first impression based on the subject line. 

Will Rogers famously said – ‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression.’

So put some thought into crafting a good subject line. 

Broadly, there are two methods by which you can create a subject line. You could either start with one of the ideas mentioned below or finish writing a good email and then create a hook based on the email. While the second strategy is ideal, there are certain instances where you would need some inspiration to get going.

In this post, I share 18 catchy subject line ideas you could use if you hit a wall. 

18 Subject Line Ideas for Job Application Email

Whacky Subject Line Ideas

  1. [Name], I want to get my hands dirty for [Company Name]
  2. [Name], 5 things to know about me
  3. Why you should hire me?
  4. Can I treat you to coffee in exchange for some insights?
  5. Want to be a part of your awesome journey

Referral Based Subjects

  1. Recommended by [Name]
  2. Referred by [Name of person]
  3. Referral From [Name]: Joe Smith, Resume for Head of Growth

Straight Forward Subject Lines

  1. Growth marketer with 8 years of relevant experience
  2. 8 years of growth marketing experience, super-qualified!
  3. I have grown companies exponentially, super-qualified!
  4. Growth Marketer – Abhishek KG
  5. Experienced candidate for growth marketing role

Connecting with the Recipient

  1. [Name], I loved your article on [subject]
  2. [Name], I love your content
  3. [Name], I have heard great things about your team

Intriguing Ideas

  1. Quick question about [company name]
  2. Hoping to help

As I mentioned earlier, writing the email first and then using a unique connection point phrased as a hook is the best strategy. But it can be time-consuming. When you are strapped for time, go ahead and use one of the above ideas. 

Do you have any other subject line ideas that worked well for you? Please do share in the comments.

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